The Norwegian Neuropsychological Society

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President of the Norwegian Neuropsychological Society: Marianne Løvstad. 


The Norwegian Neuropsychological Society (NNS) was formed in 1996 and professor Hallgrim Kløve was elected as NNS’s first chair. The aims of the Association are to promote neuropsychology in Norway, stimulate exchange of national and international communication among neuropsychologists, and stimulate development in neuropsychology as well as to provide information both internally and toward the public.

The NNS is an interest organisation that has its member base in the Norwegian Psychological Association. The regulations of the NNS comply with the regulations of the Norwegian Psychological Association. From 2007 we have formally been approved as an associated interest group  with the Norwegian Psychological Association.

Full membership is open to members of the Norwegian Psychological Association who work in the field of neuropsychology or have an interest in neuropsychology. Associated membership is open to other professionals who have a background that is relevant to neuropsychology or have a general interest in neuropsychology.

The NNS presently (2012) has approximately 361 members who mostly work in clinical neuropsychology and some in experimental neuropsychology. Some students and test technicians are associated members.

The NNS arranges annual member meetings with invited lecturers and local resources. In 2001 the NNA hosted the 7th Nordic Meeting in Neuropsychology and that is the most challenging task the association has undertaken to date. In 2007 we arranged our 10 year anniversary with the neuropsychology of the frontal lobes as the the main theme of the conference. Robert Knight, Donald Stuss, Barbara Wilson and Lance Trexler were invited lecturers.

The NNS publishes the biannual newsletter "Nevropsykologi"

The standing of clinical Neuropsychology in Norway.

Clinical neuropsychology courses are presently taught at four universities in Norway. Clinical Neuropsychology is a subspecialty within the specialty of clinical psychology that is administered by the Norwegian Psychological Association and approved by our health authorities.

Specialisation in clinical neuropsychology takes place after the professional study. To qualify as a specialist in clinical neuropsychology, the candidate has to have at least 5 years of varied practice in different clinical settings after becoming a licensed psychologist. 2 years of the practice must be carried out in an approved institution. Other requirements are approved supervision and a standard course-package. Candidates also must write a paper that is 

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